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To compliment our Hawking with Birds of prey, other measures can be implemented to reduce the risk of returning roosting and nesting Pigeons and Gulls.


We provide a comprehensive range of spiking and netting services to attach to frequently perched and nesting areas. These include roof tops, window sills, guttering, overhangs and lights.

With your enquiry we provide a free survey and estimate, and all proofing measures are guaranteed, assuring you of peace of mind and a pest free area.

Specialist Cleaning

Pigeon and Gull droppings are unsightly and pose health risks due to the micro-organisms and parasites they contain. These parasites and organisms can cause breathing disorders and skin irritations if they are inhaled or touched.

Bird droppings can also become very slippery when wet and pose substantial risks on pathways and steps. Using antibacterial agents, all the contaminated areas are professionally cleaned.


There may be some areas where proofing or falconry alone may not work, due to the size of the location, the extent of the pest problem or an abundance of building features, which could mean that pest birds will move to a different location but still on the same premises. In this instance, live trapping may be needed to reduce the initial numbers.

All traps are ‘walk-ins’, where the pigeons can enter the trap but cannot leave. Food and water is provided and the traps are checked daily.


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With 25 years of specialist Hawking Experience, Citihawk have developed the most experienced and professional eco friendly green pest control using their team of 14 Hawks and falcons to service clients nationwide. We pride our selves on unrivalled customer service and provide 75% of Londons Hawking pest control either direct to clients or sub contracted.