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CitiHawk is dedicated to the control and management of pest bird species using trained birds of Prey, Falconry and Hawking methods. We are the oldest specialist bird control company, covering London, Home Counties, the South East and South, dealing exclusively with nuisance bird management using birds of prey.

Using the latest techniques and specific breeds of Birds of Prey, CitiHawk specialise in the control of pest species of native birds including pigeons, gulls, starlings and geese. 

With a team of 14 Birds of Prey bred and trained specifically for the use of pest bird management and a team of fully trained falconers, we can provide a highly cost-effective gull and pigeon control.

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With 25 years of specialist Hawking Experience, Citihawk have developed the most experienced and professional eco friendly green pest control using their team of 14 Hawks and falcons to service clients nationwide. We pride our selves on unrivalled customer service and provide 75% of Londons Hawking pest control either direct to clients or sub contracted.