Nature at its finest

Our dedicated in house Hawking team, train and fly their Hawks across many sites to clear both pigeons, gulls, crows and starlings either as a one-off flight for an event or as part of a longer deterrent programme.

Hawking programmes work exceptionally well and are a cost-effective method of control from large numbers of birds gathering and we are very proud of this Eco-Friendly service. At our survey with you, we attend with a Hawk to introduce you and to exhibit the Hawk in action.

Our Hawks are happy flying in city locations, from ground or roof level, to school playing fields and Landfill sites.

A Harris Hawk is patrolled and flown around the area where pest birds congregate.

The sight of the predator flying disperses the pest birds from the area and teaches them that it is not a safe area to stay, roost and breed.