Bird Netting

Giving you the best protection

Pigeons will roost and breed anywhere that is out the way of the weather and can provide shelter for their nests. Netting is an ideal prevention from birds accessing potential areas.

Using stainless steel fixings and a high-grade weatherproof net, our netting systems are suitable for internal and external areas giving the best protection against pest bird behaviour.

  • Adaptable – Netting can be used to cover shelters, Balconies bridges, canopies and signage as well as building facades and rooftops. It can be installed horizontally and vertically in any area, large or small.
  • Versatile – Can be installed permanently to protect your premises or used temporarily for seasonal problems.
  • Harmless – A correctly installed netting system does not harm birds. It simply deters them from landing and establishing a roost on your property.
  • Cost-Effective – Can lead to lower cleaning and maintenance costs as bird fouling problems are reduced.